Multimedia & E-Learning

The fiber network infrastructure has enable ABU to deliver high-speed internet and intranet access to its 40,000+ students and staff respectively in its campuses in Zaria, and enable the university to facilitate e-learning, online applications and multimedia communication services for staff and students.


Telepresence System (Vidio Conferencing Rooms) 
A video-conference is a live video connection between people in separate locations for the purpose of communication or interaction. Video conferencing allows people to communicate visually from anywhere in the world.
Distance Learning
Share lectures with students at other universities give and receive lectures/presentations from remotely located sites from around the world. Conduct meetings between research groups and academics based at different universities.
The Cisco Tele Presence Codec C60 delivers up to 1080p60 end-to-end high definition (HD) video collaboration engine. Designed with the integrator in mind, the C60 provides the flexibility to incorporate HD video in collaboration into many more team-based applications. Integrate into meeting rooms, boardrooms and special industry projects simply and easily.
Video Streaming  
This will enable all users of the network have access to all video content that is streamed on the network e.g. live coverage of convocation.
Voice-Over-IP (VOIP):
IP based phones were installed in the school to foster collaboration among lectures, non-academic staff and the school administration.
Radio Over Fibre
This will enable all users of the network have access to the programmes and services of the ABU FM Station. This is the first of its kind in any Nigerian University Community Radio.

Multimedia Services
As part of the efforts of the University to improve the learning environment and taking advantage of the network’s capacity, quite a number of Smart boards have been deployed around the University with emphasis on Faculties of Administration, Science, Engineering and Education in addition to 1753-beam multimedia projectors.

A total number of 42 IP Cameras have also deployed at some strategic locations around the University.
Three Multimedia LED Boards have also been commissioned at the Main Campus and Kongo Campus for information, education, advertisement, etc purposes. These boards are also riding on the network.
This will enable events to be relayed live to audiences around or far from the location. This will take advantage of the video streaming capabilities of the network.   




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